Cleaning Atomizer
It is recommended that you clean your tank regularly to extend the life of it and to ensure the unit performs as expected.
Following is the quick steps to do it:
  1. Dismantle your tank into parts
  2. For slightly used tank: Run it under warm water.
  3. For moderate to heavy use: Soak all parts in the vodka/white vinegar for at least 30mins and rinse it well with warm water (Consider using Ultrasonic Jewerly Cleaner for best result)
  4. Blow out atomizer to remove excess water
  5. Set upright and allow to dry for couple hours (use paper towel)
Storing Atomizer
  1. Clean your tank and let it dry
  2. Use a sealed container to keep the air out
Disposing Atomizer
For a proper disposal of your tank, you have to take carefully the e-liquid out of the tank. You must wash the coil and glass tank in running water until it will be completely free of nicotine. Before you trash your tank, wrap it in a piece of biodegradable material. Then you may dispose your tank as you would with any other plastic waste.