"At ZPAL we offer turnkey solution to our customers and we take pride in every product we make.
Our products are eco-friendly, safe and built with high quality material"

Our engineers have extensive experience designing various vaping products. Our main R&D facility is located in the same location as our manufacturing facility. Thus our engineers can ensure the finished products are being manufactured according to the design and any design flaw can be spotted immediately. In addition to designing products under ZPAL brand we also help our clients to realize their idea from conceptual to finished product. We understand in this competitive e-cigarettes industry where product life cycle is relatively short, timing is everything to deliver successful launch of new product. To save development time we have setup small workshop at our USA office where our engineers stationed periodically. They work around the clock to deliver new design in timely manner.   At our main manufacturing facility we have employed workforce of skillful workers. We have flexibility to assign additional workers whenever needed. Our dedicated QA team will ensure that every product is made according to the design specifications and performed as expected.   Our small but growing sales team can help you promote and sell your product. We understand making solid product does not necessarily transform into sales. By utilizing our network of distributors, wholesalers and stores and our understanding of e-cigarettes market worldwide, we will help you push your product into the market whenever needed.